MARGIN was founded in 2012 as a studio project by Lutz Meinert. He played as singer, keyboarder and drummer in few Berlin progressive rock bands from 1979 till 2002. So he published with FOR YOUR PLEASURE two CDs, Scattered Pages (1993) and Timeless (2000), released by MADVEDGE RECORDS.

Indeed in this project the musical past of Lutz Meinert often shines through. But here the psychedelic prog is the focus, the melting of psychedelic art rock with progressive rock - both in the style at the end of the sixties till the middle of the seventies.

Not least the brilliant amd modern production defines a fascinating, timeless sound which merges present and past in its own special way.

As a result of a extensive studio work where the titles were developed and recorded the debut album Psychedelic Teatime which released on June 30, 2014 by Madvedge Records. Here Lutz Meinert was supportet by Arne Spekat (acoustic guitar), who also played in FOR YOUR PLEASURE and Carola Meinert (vocals).