FOR YOUR PLEASURE started in 1991 as a German studio project with Georgios Zikidis aka „Greeco” (electric and acoustic guitars) and Lutz Meinert aka „Margin” (vocals, keyboards, drums) in Berlin. The duo recorded some own compositions with influences of progressive rock, folk rock and rock, released in 1993 on the album „Scattered Pages“ at Madvedge Records.

Motivated by good reviews of the debut the musicians worked on the second album. Parallel to first recordings the duo looked for musicians for a complete live band. In the same year the duo was extended with the drummer Frank Brennekam and the bass player Arne Spekat. In 2006 Georgios Zikidis left the band because of time constraints.

In the following years various various guitarists and keyboarders came and went. Despite the personal inconsistency the band developed their own musical style near the progressive rock of the early 70s and played some concerts in Berlin.

The second album "timeless" released in 2000 got some good reviews in print and internet. But frustatetd by the low demand and the still permanent search for a keyboarder Frank Brennekam, Lutz Meinert, Arne Spekat and Nils Conrad, the guitarist at that time decided to take a time out until a keyboarder would complete the band or there would be enough material for a new album.

In the course of time the musicians lost their interest in the band and although FOR YOUR PLEASURE never dissolved formally, the remaining members never played together again under the band's name. But they all stayed friends, sometimes meeting each other and partially cross their musical paths. So Frank Brennekam and Nils Conrad play in the band CRYSTAL PALACE and Arne Spekat contributes to MARGIN, the new psychedelic rock project by Lutz Meinert.