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Cover MARGIN - Psychedelic Teatime

»Audiophile CD of the Month 2/2015« stereoplay - German HiFi- and music magazine

»Best Studio Recording of the Year 2014« German Rock & Pop Award 2014

»Album of the Month 9/2014« newears.org

»With Psychedelic Teatime MARGIN have created a masterpiece of solemn Psychedelic, which also retro- and neoproggies might like.« babyblaue-seiten.de

»Just below 57 minutes, that PINK FLOYD would have been well advised ahead of their time as the layered on thick „Atom Heart Mother“.« Classic Rock (DE)

»The perfect alternative to PINK FLOYD.«

»One hour sheer psychedelic prog delight without any drugs. On the imaginative and highly atmospheric disc especially many Pink Floyd references apply.« eclipsed

»On the whole, this is an exciting album for the friends of interesting music. Those who have missed the
atmosphere of the early 70's are served well here and it once again brings to my mind how interesting
music has been at the heyday of prog.« progsound.de

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